Shangri La



Shangri La is situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province, with Tibet to its west and Sichuan to its eastIt is formerly known as Zhongdian County, is the capital of Diqing Autonomous Prefecture.

Shangri-La is the Eden in dream. In Tibetan, Shangri-la means the sun and moon in heart, an ideal home only found in heaven. There are lofty and continuous snowy mountains, endless grasslands; steep and grand gorges, azure lakes and the bucolic villages always leave a deepimpression on visitors.

Shangri-La is rich in natural resources from valuable herbs to rich mineral deposits (including gold, silver, copper, manganese and many other rare metals) to abundant animal resources (such as golden monkeys, leopards and musk deer). This is a land full of natural wonders.

As a Chinese saying goes, "The earliest sunrise is seen in Shangri-La; and the most unique place is also there". Once you visit, you will fully appreciate the meaning of this saying.